These are great branching-off the original genre ideas. It is amazing when we rethink our published title we find so many sub-ideas lurking, waiting to be raised from their obscurity.

However, if this tactic does not work (sell more books) or promote interest, it may cause angst instead. Re-publishing with a new cover also takes time, but not as much as originally taken to produce the first edition. However, it needs an objective view from the author (us) to face the music if it also fails. I am actually doing this very thing with a new cover prepared by a Ukrainian creator to see if I missed the mark with my title, or if this cover will spark interest. Previous cover was my own design and preparation from images, and okay. However, speaking from an author/artist perspective, confidence is a more necessary ingredient, along with a small budget to promote the book online. That is my downfall. I think we need more upbeat words to create our world and to be proud and happy about our diligence, ideas, and product. Thanks Laurence.

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